• Cynthia

You get just ten minutes...

"You have to keep your attitude right"

Uh no...you don't...you're entitled to a good Wine...I mean...whine...

There is NO medical studies that have proven that having a good attitude during your cancer treatments will improve your overall outcome with your disease.

This is usually said by well meaning folks who are trying to be your cheerleader or quiet their own fear of watching their friend or loved one struggle with this lousy disease.

Be kind and share with them your gratitude for their well ment words.

However, this is what I want you to do...

You get just 10 minutes, every morning, in the shower to cry, yell, or cuss and then your done. Get out of the shower, dry off and put your makeup on. Find your prettiest scarf or your wig and go do something you enjoy.

By the very fact that your showing up to your chemo treatments, radiation and and surgeries... girlfriend...your keeping your attitude "right"!

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