• Cynthia

Taking care of your family

During treatments, doctor appointments and just plain old down days can be tough in caring for your family difficult. Especially if the kids are young but it can also be your greatest motivator.

I'm proud that during my eight, intense dense dose chemo treatments, that were every ten days, I still managed to have a hot dinner meal for my husband every night. Yes...there were many times dinner made it to the table and I went back to bed but I did it!

I drove myself to chemo, radiation treatments, doctor appointments and so on...why you ask...because it made me feel in control and not so damn sick.

When everything is taken away from you because of cancer and it's treatments, your ability to do what you want and when you want...can leave you depressed.

Your immune system is shot, your labs are crummy making you feel awful but the family still needs you.

What was normal at home is now turned upside down. So now you have to get creative and CHANGE some things for a while.

Here are a few suggestions...

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