• Cynthia

Just one germ...

That's all it takes now to make you sick.

So how do you stay well during chemo and your compromised immune system?

First line of defense is "wash your hands".

Before you eat. After being in public places (don't go to movie theaters during flu season). After chemo and doctor appointments. Even at home.

Prepare your home before each chemo treatment.

Clean out the fridge. Go to the grocery store and buy your groceries for the next few weeks. Wash every fruit and vegetable that your going to eat carefully! Learn how to prepare your eggs, meats and veggies so you are lowering your risk factors for getting sick off of foods that normally wouldn't hurt you.

Delegate your bathroom for your use only if possible. Let other family members clean the bathrooms.

If you need to have something repaired in your home...like I did during chemo...I had my refrigerator and dishwasher quit on me and had to have sweaty, coughing, sneezing delivery men come and bring new appliances to my home right smack in the middle of my chemo treatments.

YOU stay in the bedroom and let someone else deal with them and then clean the heck out of everything they touched.

Don't be afraid to put a sign on your front door that says there is an "auto immune compromised" person in the home and if your sick please let us know before entering the home.

It's really ok to do that.

And...I'm going to say it again..."wash your hands"!

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