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It's personal

Flat or reconstruction...Did you know that it's pretty much 50-50? Half of all woman who have mastectomies chose to live flat and the other half have reconstruction.


Well...part of it is an age thing (young woman tend to do more reconstruction) and part of it is not being a good candidate for reconstruction and the other part is simply being ok living flat.

I also found my surgeon and plastic surgeon were big proponents for reconstruction. Of course. They will tell you you won't be happy living flat.

Hogwash! I chose to live flat and I'm good with it.

It's not to say that at first people who have known me forever don't stare at my chest for a few seconds...they do...my beautiful 36c breast...are gone. Once they do, it's done. Guess what? They really don't care.

I'm still Cindy. I'm still me. My breast don't and never should have defined me.

Besides...I look slender now in my clothes. Not so...matronly. I like that.

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