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Newly diagnosed and looking for answers?

You're in the driver seat!


Final medical decisions about your treatments can be made by no one but you!  Not your doctor, family or friends. Only you can decide what your decisions will be for your medical care. 

Second Opinions.


If at any time during treatment you want a second opinion, don't be afraid to ask for one. This happens all the time in cancer clinics. You will not make your Doctor mad or upset if you do this. They are used to sending their patients for a second opinion. Your Doctor will understand.

Know your diagnosis.


I'll never forget sitting in the chemo lab getting my weekly round of chemo, I asked a female patient, "what type of breast cancer do you have?"


Her response was "breast cancer."

My point, she had no idea of what type of breast cancer she had.


There are many types of Breast Cancer so please, find out what kind of breast cancer you have. It will dictate your treatments and be of vital importance to the other woman (daughters and granddaughters) in your family for many generations to come.