How to become a BCMS MENTOR


A journey through breast cancer is more than doctors visits, labs, chemo, radiation and so on. The journey is personal, and it can feel lonely. Women who have been through breast cancer treatments understand this. 


BCMS Mentors are selected with care and attention. Not everyone is accepted. BCMS does not charge for this service. It is...FREE to our Mentee's. No additional burden will be put on them or their family for our services.


With the information your comfortable in sharing with us, we will select a Mentee sister with you who has had a similar breast cancer diagnosis and similar in personalities and age. 


Opportunities are available for survivors and co-survivors to volunteer as well.


BCMS Mentors provide emotional, informational and support that makes sense to anyone who is going through their breast cancer journey. In short...we provide companionship and friendship. 


Not interested in personal meetings with a Mentee Sister but want to help?


Maybe the goodness of fit for you would be through our support services via telephone services only. Answering general call questions about BCMS services and intake coordination of services for call-backs to callers.  

As a BCMS Mentor

You'll be matched by an BCMS Match Specialist

She will contact you with the match information

You, will reach out to the sister who has requested our services

Your "Mentee" sister relationship may be as simple as conversations on the phone or more in "person" meetings.


BCMS staff will support you in your providing mentoring to your sister as well. 




Attend and complete BCMS’s comprehensive 4-hour New Mentor Training Program to become a Match Mentor is required to become a mentor.


BCMS New Mentor Training is FREE and open to all breast cancer survivors and co-survivors who are one year past diagnosis.




The definition of a Mentor

Understanding Confidentiality and Ethics of Mentoring 

The emotional fallout from a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Learn how to "Listen" to your Mentee in order to meet her needs

Finished the fight against Breast what?


Want to become a Mentor Sister?

If you are interested in becoming Breast Cancer Mentor Sister, Click Here to fill out and submit the Mentor Sister Form and I'll be in touch with you shortly. If you'd prefer to talk with us please call or email.


Cell: 210.865.1897