The Breast Cancer

Mentor Sisters Program


What is this service?


It's a sisterhood program for any woman that has been diagnosed with breast cancer, in treatment, post-treatment and beyond. 


We pair a compatible survivor Mentor sister to a Mentee sister (in-treatment) who offers emotional support and real-life coping tips throughout all of the stages of breast cancer.


Why is the program something you should consider trying? First of's personal or at least as personal as you wish.  Our program tailored to what you need.'s free!'s free...

Breast cancer can take your voice away from you. So many things you're told you can't do or must do. We will be there to listen to your voice. Feel like you're burdening your family and don't want to share your deeper fears or concerns? We understand. Plus, everything that is shared between each sister is kept in strict confidence. Your information will be shared with no one! Not your name, your address, medical information.




We have the answers to questions you haven't even thought of yet. Not because we are  "smarty pants" but because we have been down this road and know it well. We have the experience, and yet, we are always learning from you because each "sister" is unique and different in her journey with breast cancer. 



What the program is not.  It is not another yoga class, support group, nutrition or exercise class you can get lost in. Those types of services are all wonderful but, I found in my journey through breast cancer that I needed more.


I found that talking to women who had been through treatment, my insane level of fears over chemo treatments, hair loss, surgery, reconstruction or live flat, were quieted and helped me cope better with the difficulties of this disease and its treatments. 


There is a wealth of women, young and older, who have gone before you that want to help.


The thing is with Mentor Sisters; you can choose to limit your mentor sister relationship to support calls.




You may wish to make it much more personal with sister to sister coffee outings, go wig shopping, prosthetic breast and bra shopping or go to lunch to have some "sister" talk time. 

You are encouraged to communicate with your mentor sister what your desires and needs are so you can agree together on how your relationship will work best. Our mentor sisters do not give medical advice but, they can support you with appropriate resources, share their personal experiences, and most importantly, listen.

You'll never hear them say "you have to keep your attitude right." Why not? Doing so does not change the outcome of your cancer.


You have the right to be pissed off about this disease. Crying and being mad are NORMAL reactions to the situation your in. You're showing up for doctors appointments, surgeries, chemo, radiation, and medications, IS keeping your attitude right!

We will be your safe place to fall.

We will catch you. We will cry with you and laugh with you. We will support you emotionally and help empower you through your "season" of breast cancer. 


Who is the program?


  • MENTOR: Breast cancer survivors (we consider a survivor as any woman who is in or out of treatment) can become a mentor. They give back to the community by sharing their experience, knowledge, and support.


  • MENTEE: Women diagnosed and in active treatment of breast cancer can request a Mentor.

Call me,

Cynthia Jorrie 

BCMS Founder

BCMS Service Coordinator

Cell: 210.865.1897 


If you are interested in becoming a Mentor sister,

click here to fill out and submit the "Mentor Information Form" and, I'll be in touch with you shortly.



If you are interested in becoming a Mentee sister,

click here to fill out and submit the "Mentee Information Form" and, I'll be in touch with you shortly.