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Companionship and friendship from a sister who has been through breast cancer services is priceless.


I know this from personal experience.


The day I was scheduled to have a Mediport placed so I could start my chemo treatments, I lost it. I was crying uncontrollably. My poor husband and doctor were at a loss of what to do with me. As I was laying on the hospital bed waiting for my surgery my Nurse took my hand and said stop crying so I can talk to you. She waited for me to compose my self and then said, Cindy, you're going to be fine. I too have breast cancer and am now in my tenth year of no evidence of disease. You can do this. It isn't going to be easy and it's going to take a while to do everything you need to but you will be fine. 


I stopped my crying. I found power in her words and peace in her holding my hand. 


My husband looked relieved. My sweet surgeon said, "I told you the same thing, Cynthia." But it wasn't the same coming from him! It took coming from another woman who had been through breast cancer to help me find my strength to fight my battle with breast cancer.


BCMS goal is to meet the individual needs of women affected by breast cancer. We offer a service of one-to-one mentor support services through trained and compassionate volunteer mentors. Mentors and Mentees are carefully matched and selected.


Not a one size fits all "group" service!


Years of sisterhood experience!

Your not alone...

We have the support services you need in how to manage getting through cancer treatments with some level of grace and dignity.


Custom match breast cancer survivors with women who are fighting breast cancer.

Matches are personal!

Your diagnosis, medical treatment plans, personality, life experiences and your age...are all taken into consideration when making our matches.

When can you be matched with a sister mentor?

Any time from diagnosis through your medical treatments and after treatment.

You tell us when. 

Your Support Center


Caring support from breast cancer survivors.


BCMS has trusted referrals and resource services 


Mentor-Mentee Sister "matched" connections


All our services are FREE

Call for information:

Cynthia's cell: 210.865.1897

It's a Family Thing!


Loved ones need help? 


Are you a primary caregiver to someone with breast cancer that needs support?

Call for information about support services through BCMS.


All our services are FREE


Call for information:

Cynthia's cell: 210.865.1897

Want to become a Mentee Sister?

If you are interested in becoming BCMS Mentee, Click Here and fill out and submit the form and I'll be in touch with you shortly. If you'd prefer to talk with us please call or email.